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Have you ever thought that you were being cheated while you were playing online poker?  Have you ever felt like someone could see your hole cards?  Have you ever been suspicious of your opponents colluding against you?  Ever felt like no matter what you do it always seems like you end up losing? 

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If you are anything like me you have probably read countless so called poker strategy guides and fail proof Internet poker techniques.  These books are worthless, and are merely a regurgitation of general poker information that any competent player knows.

However, now there is a guaranteed way to make money playing poker by cheating your opponents.  If you have any issues at all with this, and do not feel comfortable with the notion of cheating then I can not help you.

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Are you saying that I will be able to actually see my opponents cards?
Yes, with our Visual X-ray Technique you will be able to actually see all of your opponents hole cards, every single hand.  How unbelievable is that!

Imagine what you could do if you could see your opponents cards every hand.  You would be absolutely unstoppable!  With our astonishing system you will never wonder what your opponent is holding again.

Just imagine how simple and easy it will be for you to rake in cash when you know everyone else's cards. 

This invaluable technique is not being taught be any one else.

This Material is Not for Everyone
I want to be completely clear on this...

This strategy is not your every day, run of the mill, typical strategy that is all over the Internet.  There is no talk of implied odds or expected hand values, or any other useless poker tools contained here.  This is also not a to-good-to-be-true type of offer.

What is offered here is only for money motivated individuals, who see poker not as a game to play, but as a money making opportunity.  The tools here are designed ONLY for the purpose of making money! 

What I am offering is like nothing you have ever imagined.  I am going to offer you  the same secrets that have literally made millions of dollars for some.  You will absolutely never play online poker the same.

Learn How to Turn This...
Into This
This material is only intended for those who are serious about making money online.  (I am in no way suggesting, endorsing, of telling you to cheat or steal in online games.)  However by educating yourself about the online cheating tools that are out there you can protect yourself, and your bankroll.
It is vital that you realize how truly mind blowing these techniques are.  These revolutionary tactics are state-of-the-art and virtually undetectable

The ability to generate thousands of dollars a week is at your fingertips.  Please remember that this strategy is not for everyone.  If you feel honesty is the best route, then these tactics are not for you.

However, if you don't mind making a few people upset on your way to generating massive amounts of cash,  then you must seize this opportunity to get your hands on the most mind blowing online poker secrets ever revealed!

As long as you are a determined, money motivated person, and are willing to use strategies that some might deem devious, then you are well on your way to becoming financially independent.

This unbelievable and invaluable guide will teach you exactly what you need to do to win more money.  You will instantly be exposed to jealously guarded insider secrets and techniques such as...
Complete Information Poker
- Never wonder what your opponents are holding, and instead learn how to see their cards.

Poker Bots Revealed -  The lowdown on how they work, and where to get a successful, undetectable bot.

The Buddy System (Collusion) - Get both sides... How to collude successfully and never be detected, and learn how to spot people colluding against you.

Rock Solid Bluffing Techniques - Online poker and the chat feature have created a new set of rules for Bluffing.  Get your opponent to lay down almost any hand, any time.

Capture Every Opportunity - Never mis-play a hand again... Ever! 

Dramatically Improve your Poker Reputation - Be the person that everyone fears at the table.  Completely dominate every single time you play!

Stop Wondering if You are being Cheated - Place yourself on the other side of the equation, and even things up.  Don't get cheated, be one step ahead, by cheating.

Chat Box Mind Tricks - Learn to trick your opponents into doing whatever you desire with this virtually unknown technique.

Obtain Financial Independence - Be able to basically make as much money as you want. 

What an absolutely amazing product.  This is by far the best poker product ever made.  These state of the art techniques are so straight forward and simple that anyone could follow this.  I read through the Online Poker Cheat Manual twice before I sat it down.  The techniques described in this book are so ingenious and invaluable that I was truly blown away when I first read them.  Especially when I read the information about seeing other peoples cards, I couldn't belive it was true!

I started to utilize these methods instantly and in my first two weeks made $10,000.  I was so amazed at the success of these techniques that I truly could not sleep, and all I wanted to do was sit up and make money.  It would have taken me 3 months to make that kind of money at my old job.   I since then have paid off my mortgage and am now trying to find ways to spend all my cash.   

This is a one of a kind deal and I am so lucky to have gotten this information... By far the BEST poker product out there!- Terry H.    Denver, CO
"In my first two weeks I made $10,000"
This Information Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else!

You cannot find this information in a bookstore or in any Internet search.  These are insiders secrets that have been highly guarded and jealously kept secret, untill now!  This all powerful system was developed through years of analysis of defrauding software programs, and is state-of-the-art.
"I decided I couldn't beat them, so I joined them"
I began playing poker live for over 10 years and absolutely love the game.  I have been very successful playing live and have won a good deal of money.  I recently purchased a computer and decided to try my luck at online poker.  However when I started to play online I couldn't believe how much I was losing, it was ridiculous, and it didn't seem fair.

It seemed like no matter what I did I could not win consistently and I began to think that I was being cheated.  I first thought I was being cheated by the online casino,  I then began to think that I was being cheated by other players at my table, and I also ran into what I thought were poker bots.  My wife told me that I was paranoid and that I should stop playing poker online. 

Then I got a hold of the Online Poker Cheat guide and all my suspicions were proven TRUE!  I had been getting cheated, I knew it! 

Since then boy have I turned the tables on them.  I started using this mind blowing strategy almost instantly and began my domination of online poker.  I don't want the feds breathing down my neck so I will not give any financial specifics but I can say that I have quit my full time job, and I now let my poker bot play for me while I go on vacation.  I left last week and my poker bot had generated almost $8,500.  Its like free money!

Hey if you cant beat them, join them!

- Harold B.    Norman, OK
Frequently Asked Questions

Don't the Online Poker Sites have security to catch you with?
The truth is online cheaters are always one or two steps ahead of the Internet casino security.

Are any of these tactics illegal?
No, although some of these tactics do violate online casino policies, they are not illegal.

How easy is it to understand the information you provide?
It is very easy to understand my information.  This strategy is a quick guide that will get you started immediately.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Once you place your order with our secure order method you will be able to download the book instantly.  The entire process takes less than a couple of minutes.

What site will the techniques work at?
I have used these strategies at Party Poker, Bodog Poker, Empire Poker, Paradise Poker, Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Doyles Room, however these techniques will work at any site.

Do these methods apply to all types of games?
Yes, every single type of game applies.  From the NL$2000 table to the $1/$2 game you can use the techniques anywhere.  Even works for Seven card stud and Omaha!

It's Time to Take Advantage!

You need to understand that online poker is exploding and the opportunities that are available now will only continue to grow exponentially.  Thousands of people are offering up their money to anyone who has the courage to take it... Be that individual, take control of your life, the opportunities are endless.

Now is your chance to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!  These are the most highly coveted of secrets and they are truly priceless and invaluable!

Be aware that I am only offering these secrets for a limited time.  So don't let your chance at millions of dollars slip away.  Take advantage of the most sophisticated cheating techniques available today, and change the way you play poker forever!

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I am so sure that you will find these techniques so absolutely amazing that I am offering a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee*
You truly have nothing to lose!

*60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee - In order to qualify for our Guarantee you have to use our techniques and strategies for 60 days in order to see the full benefits.  After 60 days, if you are not making more money than you ever did playing poker you can contact us and we will refund your money, with no questions asked.
  • "Visual X-ray Technique" - Actually see what cards your opponents are holding... every hand!
  • "The Perpetual Bot" - Discover how to get your hands on an online poker bots that wins thousands.
  • "Buddy Eye System" -  Like having 6 sets of eyes at any table you want to play at.
  • "Mind Control Tricks" - Learn to force your opponent into doing whatever you desire.
  • "And Many More..."
-News Flash-
"You do not need any talent to win big money playing online poker"

Throw away all the strategy you have ever learned, this statement is 100% True!

Cheat Online Poker will allow you to take advantage of all the online vulnerabilities that are out there. By taking advantage of these exact same vulnerabilities I have been able to create a fortune with these super hot cheating secrets.

For reasons I will discuss later, I am going to release these secrets to a lucky few, in a super easy to follow format that will allow you to start your fortune building right away.
By implementing my techniques you will be able to start building your bankroll to enormous amounts.  Here is a shot of my bankroll from just 1 week of play!
My Story...

I would like to share my story with you now...  I worked as a software security specialist for the past five years.  I have analyzed and scrutinized thousands of different security based programs, as well as specializing in encryption and secure protocol. 

I have played poker my whole life and had recently began to play online.  Knowing what I know about security software I immediately began to take an interest into cracking the Internet casino security system.  I soon however realized that this was quite the incredible task even for the computer security savvy individual that I am.

Then it hit me, while Internet casino security is state of the art and virtually impenetrable, other peoples computers that were playing on these sites were hardly protected, if at all.

I then spent all of my time developing my cheating techniques and before long, I was making more than three times what I had made at my former software security job. 

So my reasoning for releasing my secrets is simple.   I have made so much money that I have decided to offer my techniques, as a courtesy, to the public for a limited time.  Be aware though that Internet casino personal are constantly working to stop me from sharing my information, so your chance to act is now!

Now is your time to benefit from all my hard work.  You too can employ my mind bending techniques and make hundreds of thousands for yourself!

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